The Finishing Touch
Posted by pantographsinfo, 04/05/2018 11:45 am

A quilt is a work of art and of love. Crafters frequently spend countless hours looking at quilting patterns and choosing ones they wish to purchase. In fact, many purchase multiple patterns and choose which one to work on at a particular time. With so much time and effort put into this process, when a person finishes a quilt, he or she wants to do so in a way that truly highlights the beauty of the pattern. An easy way to do so is to make use of pantographs when completing the actual quilting. With many different designs to select from, however, how should a person go about selecting the perfect design?


Quilters find they have a variety of options to select from. Select the appropriate size for the piece being created and versions are now offered for computerized quilting systems. Longarm quilters tend to choose self-print designs that are ideal for home printing, while tear-away designs may be used by those with a longarm machine or a domestic one. Don't hesitate to look at pantographs from all groups to find the ideal one, as one designed for a longarm machine may be adapted for domestic machine use. This depends on the pantograph selected and other factors.



Geometrical pantographs are ideal for modern quilts, but they typically aren't appropriate for a more traditional quilt. With this type of pattern, a person may wish to go with a more classic design that blends seamlessly with the overall pattern. Don't hesitate to make use of floral pantographs when creating a quilt of this type, or turn to seasonal options when making a quilt that pulls colors from a particular time of year or a specific holiday. Patriotic options are offered as well as ones specifically for children, and there are countless more from which to pick.

Visualize the finished piece with many different pantographs before selecting one. The quilting lasts the life of the work and mistakes here could leave the quilter unhappy with the finished product. For this reason, be sure to research designs considerably before making a choice. Quilters who do so find they love the quilt once finished as much as they did when they first envisioned the work.

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